Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Presidential Campaign

Looks like Senator (NY) Chuck Schumer's been pushing around Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton again. Who has such influence over Congress that they can lift $4.9 million and stuff it into their pocket with no questions asked? Not Chuck Schumer, haha. Not since J. Dennis Hastert became Speaker of the House. Why does a U.S. Senator and Harvard Law graduate need to be baby-sat by congressional committees? Because he will steal money from U.S. tax payers unless he is baby-sat. It's no wonder the democratic party leadership wants a female presiding over the White House. Ms. Clinton will be much easier to manipulate than the Republican Presidential Candidate has been, she and Chuck Schumer have known each other for years.

Congress is investigating a floating $4.9 Million that was given to New York State as part of a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief package. Maybe you should eat more pork. How was that money actually spent? Nobody knows for certain.

Looks like Schumer's got her wrapped around his little finger. Guess what else? Women similar to Judi Bosworth are set up across the Tri State Area to work in Public Education, which is becoming more and more federated under Clinton's reform policies.

Check out page 6 of this New Jersey State Super-Intendant of Schools Employment Contract. Something called (Merit Bonus.) Last time I checked in on New Jersey politics, they were trying to place salary caps on them to prevent the state from going bankrupt.

Here's what's happening: A Democrat from a red state (not close to large banking centers) gets elected into congress, makes friends with Chuck Schumer while working for congress. Chuck Schumer teaches he or she how to wrestle money away from congress, and how to use that money to maintain his or her regional support network with a system of pay-offs known as Pork Barrel. His or her regional support consists of people who vote he or she into congress. If this congressman is not good at lawyering money away from congress, then they won't last very long on Capitol Hill. Progressive Taxation assuaged the obvious national tensions that using money to mediate proportional representation would have caused.  Wealthier states get a higher tax percentage (%) than poorer states. They have more money, taxing them supplies more money to congress. They can use this point to argue for progressive spending, in theory. Chuck Schumer is from a progressive state.

Chuck Schumer lawyers money away from congress and gives it back to the State of New York. He is popular in the State of New York for this reason. You should be like Chuck Schumer and become a Senator. Do the same thing for your State. Bare in mind, with progressive taxation, I doubt you will be able to take as much from congress as Chuck takes, because New York State gets taxed at a higher percentage than your state gets taxed, because it is a wealthier state. It sounds like you think there is a 1:1 correspondence between pork dollars spent and state problems removed.  Actually, the curve which symbolizes the efficacy of pork is exponential: 
y= amount of pork
x= problems solved by pork
That last .20 got rid of close to 50% of New York State's social problems! 

NOPE, it's this:

y= how good you are at using microsoft office
x= how good you are at getting pork from your Senator, 

but what if
 Rational Empiricism 

Here is a graph which shows the use of governemnt statistics measured against their effectiveness at stealing money from Congress, and nothing else:

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